Roof Trusses

14 March. After only 42 days  the house is now really taking shape.




Looking at the cavernous space up here we make a snap decision to get some drawings done to add a staircase to the loft area. It involves a slight reconfiguration to the first floor but gives us an additional 340 sq ft of space. Otherwise, with the planned loft ladder we would only make one visit a year up here to get the Christmas tree! Sorry make that two visits – I would have to take it back!


The snow starts and is blowing horizontally but we keep going.


The first truss goes up. It is bitterly cold this morning with a real feel temperature of -10ºC and it REALLY FEELS like it!


We have a platform system erected on the first floor, making it easy for the guys to walk about and install the roof trusses.


The crane is a monster and makes easy work of the job in hand


The first load of two arrives.


11 March and the 29 Ton crane arrives to offload the Roof Trusses and lift them up onto the building.



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